The Queen’s Assassin – Melissa de la Cruz

von Öff. Gymnasium der Franziskaner Hall in Tirol
22. Juni 2021

Melissa de la Cruz’ book The Queen’s Assassin is a well-written novel. It is a fantasy novel telling an adventurous story, based in the fictional kingdom Avantine. The book is all about love, war, and fantasy.
The two main characters are Shadow and Caledon Holt. Shadow lives together with her aunts in the realm Renovia. Her dream is it to be part of the Hearthstone Guild, which is a large group of mages, spies and assassins. But her mother and her aunts have other plans for her, they want her to become a noble Courtier. So, she follows her path and frees the Queen’s Assassin Caledon Holt, who is prisoned in Deersia. Shadow wants to accompany him on his mission and to be his apprentice. They head to the realm Montrice to find out how to avoid a war between the realms Renovia and Montrice. During the story Shadow and Caledon slowly fall in love.
If you want to know who Shadow really is and how the story develops, I really recommend reading the book. The book is gripping and a real page-turner. The story is brilliant and often touching. It is a great book for intermediate and advanced English speakers.

Text: Benjamin Haid, 5a