Harrow Lake – Kat Ellis

von Öff. Gymnasium der Franziskaner Hall in Tirol
22. Juni 2021

An emotional rollercoaster
The author Kat Ellis wrote her 4th horror novel, Harrow Lake. The book is a little hard to understand, because Kat Ellis used a wide choice of vocabulary, but you’ll get into it. The big number of new words can help to improve your English skills and they make the book a real page-turner. To be honest it’s definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read, because it’s such a well-written novel. It tells an exiting story about a girl, who visits her mother’s hometown and after a few days something or someone starts chasing her.
The protagonist Lola visits her mother’s hometown to live at her grandma’s. Sounds normal, right? Yeah, at least it would be a normal, if her mother didn’t disappear, when she was 5 and her father didn’t lie in hospital, because someone stabbed him. Harrow Lake seems to be stuck in the past and obsessed with a film, which was filmed and directed by Lola’s father in this little town. Who would have thought…? As if this wasn’t strange enough, something or someone starts stalking her, or is she just imagining, because of the rumours the villagers told her?   
Harrow Lake has such a gripping story. It made go through a rollercoaster of almost all emotions. The book made me feel uncomfortable and sometimes I just wanted to throw the book against a wall, because something didn’t happen like I wanted to. There were also times when I just wanted to cuddle Lola, because she was scared or sad. All through the book it felt like I am Lola. I started to relate to her thoughts. I was feeling, what she was feeling, and I even would have acted like she did. This was such a crazy emotion when you suddenly identify strongly with the main character.
You have to read the book if you are in love with horror or thrillers. The story is a little difficult to understand, so I believe teenagers between 14 and 18 are most likely to love this novel. But actually I think that simply EVERYBODY WILL LOVE THIS MASTERPIECE!

Text: Viktoria Vettorrazzi, 5a


If you’re a person that enjoys reading creepy, nerve-wracking thrillers, you should consider reading Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis. This book is about a girl and a disturbing town with a dark past and a lot of secrets.
The book’s main character is Lola Nox. She’s the teenage daughter of the famous horror movie director Nolan Nox. Her mother Lorelei left her when she was young. Lola is living a rather normal life with her father.
But one day there is an incident that changes everything. Lola finds her injured father in their apartment. It turns out that he has to stay in hospital for a few days. Lola has no other choice but to go to Harrow Lake, her mother’s hometown, and stay with her grandmother, who she barely knows.
The more time Lola spends in this town, the more mysterious it gets.
This book is filled with gripping and scary passages. I would not recommend reading this book if you’re easily disturbed. But I’m sure that this book is a gem for horror-fans. The story with the many details and secrets will definitely leave you speechless.

Text: Janin Hell, 5a