The Great Godden - Meg Rosoff

von Öff. Gymnasium der Franziskaner Hall in Tirol
22. Juni 2021

The novel The Great Godden is written by Meg Rosoff. This book was published first in 2020. Meg Rosoff is an American writer, based in London. She was born on the 16th of October 1956 in Boston. She started writing books because of her sister. She died because of breast cancer.
On the book’s cover you can see a big lake and three teenagers jumping into it. The cover already tells that the story takes place in summer.
The genre of the book, summer love story, isn’t actually the type of stories I like, but after I had finished the book, it surprised me a lot. I didn’t think at the beginning that “The Great Godden” is such a good novel. So, now I want to tell you what the story is about.
At the beginning you must know who the characters are. We have one protagonist, his mum and dad, Alex, Tasmin, Mattie, the siblings of the protagonist, Mal, Hope, Hugo and Kit Godden and their mother.
The summer holidays are coming, and the protagonist’s family is driving to a lake for vacation, meeting relatives there. When they arrive, Hope, dad’s cousin tells the family that there will be a marriage between Hope and Mal. This was the reason why the Goddens visited them in the first place. Kit Godden is the boy the protagonist has a crush on, but everything will change later.
My favorite character is Mattie, because she is in a way blind with love just like me and Kit is the character, I hate the most, because he has got such a toxic personality.
I would recommend this book for readers from the 4th grades until adults. The level of English is not that hard, but there are a lot of new vocabulary and it would be difficult to understand the plot if you didn’t know many words and phrases. What I want to say too is that the story isn’t a typical love story - this might make it interesting for you to read the book. Enjoy reading!

Text: Carmen-Emilia Zeissmann, 5a