The Day the Animals Took Over

von Öff. Gymnasium der Franziskaner Hall in Tirol
04. Juli 2022

Congratulations Livia! Livia Kegel hat beim österreichweiten Schreibwettbewerb von MORE in ihrer Altersklasse den 2. Platz erreicht und ein Schreibset und eine Geschichtensammlung gewonnen.
Wir gratulieren sehr herzlich!
Nachfolgend Livias Geschichte und ihre Zeichnung:

It was a beautiful day and I watched TV. In the news the president said:” the animals took over, they have full control of us, don’t fight back!”
I carefully looked at my cat named “Butzi”. She was a cute white British Shorthair kitty with a pink bow on her pink collar. She had a strange expression and her eyes looked evil. Suddenly she hypnotized me and wanted me to buy her the most delicious and expensive food. Like a robot I went to the shop and bought the food and served it to her. She ate it and then she wanted me to pat her, and I did. After that I looked out of the window and there were pigs on the cars and dogs that walked their owners.
My cat wanted me to go into a huge cage and I did. Now I was in the cage and Butzi suddenly walked on two legs. She gave me an injection. The world became black. When I woke up, I was in a strange hut. There were dogs, cats, birds, and a lot more animals. In the middle there was my cat, she was the boss of all the animals. I was so shocked that I was not able to scream. Butzi talked to me, she said that I was her slave now. From now I had to do what she wants. Cook her meals… “dinner is ready my queen” ….” dinner is ready” called my mother.
I woke up and was lying in my bed. Butzi looked at me and meowed.

Text: Livia Kegel, 2b
Fotos: Prof. Irmgard Tonninger